Abolish the Minimum Wage

I wrote this as a speech late at night (or early in the morning?) before a practice tournament for the NCFCA.

Unemployment for the last four years is the highest it has been for decades. Many people are out of work, and have given up all hope of finding a job. This drastic situation could very well require unconventional solutions. Most conservatives believe that the free market can provide the best economic outcome, and that government intervention only causes problems. But when you come to the issue of minimum wage, they have a gap in their philosophy, and support government decrees on the price of labor.
In this speech I would like to challenge the assumption that minimum wage laws are good, and instead show how they not only harm the productive members of society, but also the poor and low-skilled as well. In addition, I hope to elucidate to you how the free market can provide a solution that is superior to the current system. Continue reading “Abolish the Minimum Wage”