Windows 8 might actually end up being a good thing!

I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft Windows (to say the very least). But they certainly drive the market, and the hardware in modern computers. Because of the competition from Android & the iPad, the soon-to-be-released Windows 8 is designed in part to be very usable from tablets, and is capable of using ARM processors. This is a good thing.

ARM processors are much┬ámore power efficient than the regular Intel/AMD processors found in the majority of computers. Because Windows has control of such a large slice of the operating system market, we can definitely expect netbooks and lower-end laptops (lower-end, because ARM processors are also generally less powerful than Intel/AMD processors) with efficient ARM processors to come into the market. This means that we’ll be able to use our computers without having to be plugged in for up to, and possibly more than ten hours. This is a bonus for everyone, and will even help Linux fans such as myself, because the hardware will become available.

So even though I don’t like Windows for numerous reasons (it’s basically a huge bloated pile of patches), I’m still very pleased with the coming release of Windows 8.