People, as a rule, are idiots

Today’s edition: Why the Republican party should have an intelligence test that must be passed before allowing people to vote.

Mitt Romney won the Nevada Caucuses on Saturday. This was rather to be expected.

The Republican Party’s primary goal in every election is that of beating the Democrats, and specifically in the 2012 Presidential race, beating President Obama. This is reflected in the fact that 44% of voters in the Nevada Caucus said that their most important candidate quality is being able to defeat Obama. The General perception is that Romney is the man for the job, so he got 73% of these votes. In polls for the past several months, Romney has done the best of all of the Republican candidates when pitted against Obama, with Romney currently losing by just two percentage points. By contrast, Newt Gingrich is losing by 11.8, and Santorum by 9.0. The general perception in America, is that Ron Paul isn’t electable, and can’t beat Obama. But yet he has consistently polled just behind Romney in his chances of unseating the current President: He currently loses by 4.4%.

If people are at all intelligent, we would expect that among people with this as their most important candidate-quality, Romney would win, Ron Paul would be second, Santorum 3rd, and Gingrich bringing up the rear, right? WRONG.
In reality, Romney got 73%, Gingrich got 18%, Ron Paul got 5%, and Santorum got 4%.

Wait a minute, so the person who does the very WORST against Obama, and consistently loses hypothetical match-ups by a miniature landslide, gets nearly a 5th of the vote from people who want to beat Obama, while the man who consistently runs a close second, get’s only 1/20 votes from these people?

To prove the point of people’s illogicality even further, lets look at some more data. Ron Paul got 40% of the vote from 17-29 year olds, and 46% of the Independent vote (numbers that were similar in the other four primaries/caucuses so far).
What was it again that distinguished Barack Obama’s 2008 candidacy? Oh yeah, he won because of his appeal to young people and independents…
So the person best suited to take away this vital voting bloc from Obama, is the one who gets 5% of the vote from people who want to beat Obama?

People who don’t understand basic logic shouldn’t vote. If you can’t understand this post, don’t vote.

There is a little bit of hope left for America though.

Among people who wanted a true conservative, Ron Paul won with 42% of the vote, and Newt Gingrich only got 1% among people who want strong moral character (1% of Nevada voters belong in a funny farm?).


Nevada data taken from here at 3:00 a.m. Central Time on February 5th:


Author: Josiah

Josiah works primarily in web development and writing, and once wrote a 50,000 word (unpublished) novel in a month. He also loves to travel, and explore different cultures and locations.

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